Monday, January 27, 2014

livestock, is the theme of this post

here is a smattering of mediocre photos from our time at the stock yards yesterday and our new chickens at the bottom. ugh, i want to totally rethink my blog presence on the web, including my photography endeavors, so i need to do that. just thought I'd let you know that real quick.

we got chickens! these are our gals. Lady mary, (the black one),  ms. patmore  and Daisy. in reference to downton Abbey!

Monday, January 6, 2014


 this morning we took baths. and I took some pictures of my precious babes. 

George's squinty face!! Looks like his daddy…
And Amelia blowing that kiss, good stuff.

p.s. learning how to use lightroom and editing in RAW, thats why these are a tad blurry cuz I'm missing something! any helpful hints?? you photogs??

Friday, January 3, 2014

Here we go 2014!

(this is just a fun pic from our Crawford visit)

Always a nice time to outline some goals and what not right?!

1. Devote time and effort into promoting my professional photography and develop my editing and shooting skills.
2. Enroll in a dance class, like ballet for moms or something.
3. Handle my bid-ness in the home with less exasperation and more routine.
4. more cooking and meal planning! of course…
5. Make new friends! this is important
6. Be confident with parenting techniques, primarily where Amelia is concerned. Bring it, terrible twos… ( ha! if only i was that confident )
7. Embrace adventure, open my heart to more kindness and love and less selfishness.

Alrighty, CHECK.