Thursday, February 13, 2014

George Callann is 6 months old (on Valentine's Day)

hi everyone!

that's my happy boy!

this big kissable face

what's that you say? my newborn baby is already a 6 month old? well that's silly…
oh but he is! and i can't believe it. everyone around here is a pretty big fan of this guy, even Amelia for the most part, and that's really saying something. Here's some things about what George is up to these days:
still just rolling around on the floor getting frustrated when you are on your tummy and rolling off your tummy only when ABSOLUTELY necessary, preferably mom comes and picks you up. you are so big! and perfectly squeezable, not sure how much you weigh, going to doc on monday but mom's guess is around 18 pounds. the onesie your wearing in this picture is 12-18 months! 
sleeping at night isn't too bad, a lot of times you only wake once to nurse in the early morning hours like 4 or 5, then sleep til 8, after going down around 7 30pm. Other nights you wake up once more around midnight to nurse, but always go back to sleep peacefully on your own if you're awake. You are pretty good at going to sleep by yourself in your crib for naps and at bedtime, mom just spins your mobile around, covers you with a blanket and you are a happy camper! 
cutest thing ever: when you babble, " ba ba ba, ba ba ba" sweetest noise in the wide world. 
you are not sitting up on your own at all, your sis DID do this at 6 months, and i wish you would too! you get a bit fussy to fast when on the floor bc you get tired of not being up and looking around, so we look forward to that. but mostly i want to keep you little forever. 
I LOVE YOU, so much, my hearts leaps when i smooch your big poofy cheeks. 

…and amelia is TWO and I thought I'd write about what she's up to as well.

you, my little miss, are a hoot these days!
so chatty, it's a ton of fun, some of the phrases and things you have been saying…
"i think so!?"
"(someone or something) go backwards"
"Maya take a bath!?" refers to yourself as "Maya"
"Joejie cryin' "
"no puddles" when putting on undies
"go potty" 
all the time! having trouble with the number 2 on the toilet requires a trip every 2 minutes to try… very annoying to mama and daddy
" mama sing a song!? Maya dance…"
among other little nuggets, a lot of times we still don't know what you're saying. you seem eager to just REALLY spit out long sentences and stories.
above all the best thing you say is "I wuv you" at the most unconventional moments, like when I'm putting your clothes on you. it's the BEST.

You're tough when you whine and cry and are bratty in general, especially when you want too much of something and we have to tell you no or take it away (like stickers and chapstick, your favorite things in the world right now).
 Eating is improving a teeny bit i think? so that's great. 
we love our Amelia so much.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Amelia at Work

snapped some shots of Amelia painting today, a favorite subject of mine