Friday, November 30, 2012

A year ago

A year ago today I was thinking "Holy moly, I'm gonna have this little girl today." and i did, actually at 1:09am, tomorrow. I remember talking on the phone to Katie every 10 minutes, updating her, getting pep talks. I was saying prayers for bravery, dancing around and singing Christmas songs to try and keep the labor active, even doing some last minute crafts! My last full day of just being wife, sister, daughter, before becoming mother. Wow, your first child's birthday is so much more than just their birthday, I realize that now about my big bro's birthday. This past year has been definitely the most challenging one of my life. I have never worked harder in my life, been more devoted to certain goals, felt more frustration and stress, and felt nowhere near this kind of love about another being before. It truly does change your views, this mom thing. I'm so thankful that Paul and I have been given the gift of becoming parents to this beautiful, unique and darling little girl. 
Amelia Louise!! You better believe I love you little one.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

Here's some things you should ask Santa for

gift guide2012 
oopsie daisies it's kind of small.
all photos from corresponding Web sites, might add more next week!

Monday, November 19, 2012

totes scoring.

it's good to have friends in the biz, in the photography biz that is. 
These beauties (completely unedited by the way) were taken by Miss cambria grace when she was visiting last week. And also Mrs. Becka Pillmore was so sweet and took some family photos for us (saving for Christmas card)  a couple weeks ago, so I am excited to have some lovely photos of our family as of late. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

thank you Cambria, for telling me about blog stomp

This was posted from BlogStomp

finally some pics from the wedding in Nashville!

miss traveler, waiting for her flight
The beauteous bride!
babe'in it up
rehearsal dinner, sweet Ben
IMG_5676 IMG_5732 
I absolutely loved Jordan's glamorous wedding dress and overall look, great job Jord!
Best gal Becka on the job!
IMG_5790IMG_5791IMG_5792IMG_5795 this is just good. 
My Pauly, best daddy ever!
loving this one!!
hahahaha, Miss Amelia, being friendly as ever.....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

going to nashville for a wedding!

"are you sure about this?" -adela

"there's another girl in here mom." -amelia

We will be back Sunday, hooray for wedding weekends. 
Thought I'd leave you with some bath time photos.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A word

Paul and I fell asleep last night before we saw the acceptance speech, Paul did not vote for Obama, and would have preferred it if the vote went the other way. I am glad Obama won again, though i did not actually vote in this election (slap on hand). Although after watching his speech this morning I felt guilty that i did not get out and actually vote for him again, because i truly believe him to be a special person, whom God has sent to guide this country for the time being. His ideals and love for the people of this country are fully well intended and i don't know why anyone can't see that. His passion and the wisdom he portrays when addressing this nation are moving. I of course got teary at several moments during the speech! I hope that people who feel strongly against him would relax their grasp of opposing view points and see that having faith in a wonderful person to do what's best for the country in the next 4 years, though perhaps different from their exact plan, is still going to be for the good of US ALL. "Even if I didn't earn your vote, I have listened to you", And i believe that as he said it, let's all believe it!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

11 months

this beautiful girl, chewing on sticks... 
not mastering the self timer
leaf residue on teeth and funny faces
these sweet little hairs! 

well pretty soon she will be a year! cant believe it, she gets prettier everyday it is nuts. As usual things are kinda complicated and not always smooth, but she's doing great and i love her so so much! we have daily tickle and hugs session on our bed now that we both enjoy very much. She is now drinking practically all whole milk throughout the day ( we are about a month early on this, but she and I don't mind) And i am basically done nursing her!! Proud that i made it to my goal which was to go straight from breast milk to whole milk at about a year, never using formula. She's eating anything we can get her to eat at this point, i fear we are entering the picky eating phase many toddlers are known for, but I'm gonna try to keep my cool about and not stress over the amount of food she eats. She likes oatmeal and yogurt in the morning, still some baby food mixes with added cereal for iron, lots of fruit and home baked goods, like cookies. : /

well ok that's it for now.