Thursday, August 30, 2012

A finished project is a successful one. kinda.

the inspiration:
A little bench for the end of a bed, or behind a couch or something. In our case I want this for the end of our bed. It cost 500 bucks. And then I saw these cute pillows in West elm catalog and liked how they combined those fabrics, so i said, "I got it! we'll make this..."


and so a couple trips to Home Depot and some embarrasing feats of carpentry later we completed a bench. But I wouldn't sit on it if i were you. Although I did work hard on the upholstery using all fabrics I already had and am pleased with how it turned out. it cost us about 40 bucks in new materials. It is suitable for setting our laundry baskets on, or clean clothes or our throw pillows. hahaha don't look at that corner leg! We just couldn't get that one to straighten out. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Farmer's Market!

always a fun weekend Dallas activity

Thursday, August 23, 2012

On Fashion, An interview with myself. Because no one else asked.

Sarah sits in bed with the September issue of Vogue laid out in her lap. Her bed clothes consist of cut off Victoria Secret pajama pants and a nursing tank top from Target. Her hair is greasy but brushed ( at least) and the large zit on her forehead says " Yes I'm a mother but I'm still youthful enough to have embarrassing acne." She looks relaxed. 
S:Do you love Fashion? s: Yes, I think do. Love is a strong word but I do feel emotional and excited over the world of fashion, designers, beautiful clothing and accessories. It's a lot of fun!
S: Do you consider yourself a fashionista? s: that word kind of implies twittiness and immaturity to me, so no.
S: How do you dress day to day? s: Most days I am wearing an embarrassing ensemble consisting of shorts, and plain T-shirts or tank tops. I often look at cute comfy dresses and think to myself "this would be cute to just wear at home or out to the grocery store" but usually I just throw on the most casual thing in my closet for being at home with my baby and running out to do errands. I see bloggers or other women on TV saying "take time to make yourself look good in the morning no matter what" and I'm like "ya! that sounds good!" But in reality it's just kind of silly to spend 15 minutes making my self look nice when there are 10 other things to be done. Unfortunately I only put together a cute looking outfit once or twice a week, usually for church. But I do usually get compliments! And it does make me feel good to look nice. But every day? As a stay at home Mom? I just can't muster the energy.
S: Would you say that you have good taste? s: yes, when it counts I think I do have good taste. I love planning a particular look for certain special occasions.
S: What are your favorite brands/stores s: Fave 5 are: J crew, Anthropologie, Madewell, French Connection and Gap! If I ever had mega millions my luxury store of choice would be Barney's.
S: If you could own something amazing from one REAL designer who would it be? s: I think I would have to go with a real clothing item from Chanel. Like an iconic jacket. I also love handbags by YSL
S: What are your favorite trends for Fall? s: Peplums, polka dots and collars. I just bought  a cheap pair of polka dot jeans from JCpenny, I think it's a good idea to choose a trend that you like for the particular season and find something cheap that embodies it. Instead of spending big bucks on a likely fleeting look. But why buy it if it's not gonna last forever and be great? Well, for one I think they are cute, but I also think adding a current trend to your outfit says "yes I pay attention". I always admire that when I see anther girl's outfit involving a well executed trend. On the other hand I never like trashy or cheap looking trends. Like the whole hooker heel platform shoe thing? I find very few of those shoes  attractive.
S: What are your most special/favorite items in your closet? s: Hmmmm, my Lucchese cowboy boots, a couple nice handbags that Paul has given me, French Connection dresses, and my small vintage jewelry/accessory collection.
S: Why do you care about fashion? s: Because beautiful clothing, well put together outfits, and interesting looking fabrics are so inspiring and exciting to me! It makes me want to go home and try and make something equally exciting.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This week

This week I have been doing the following:
Spending some time with Meg ( and mom), who was up for a couple days
Dealing with an obnoxious living social maid service coupon, but it finally worked out and my house is clean!
Dealing with my post op invalid, Paul had his wisdom teeth out today!
Amelia pulled a lamp off my bedside table and it fell on her head, she is gonna have a real bump and a bruise, she's getting into the bumps and bruises stage and it makes me sad. Its hard to avoid but i still feel terrible!
Trying to get Amelia to eat more meat, gotta get that girl some real protein substance to help her sleep for naps and at night, I think it is helping?

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Thanks for reminding me to make her one of these Elissa!

Dallas Rue magazine party at Wisteria

It is cool to live in Dallas and take advantage of these little events, I'm proud to say that I make it to a few of these kinds of things a year. They always include free booze, free food and usually shopping. So thats all good stuff. 
didn't take the camera so here are some poor quality phone snaps
My Aunt Soo Soo knows Gloria Campos, so we chatted with her (NBD).
me and the Soose!
love this store, cute stuff
Soo Soo's cute outfit, we liked this umbrella
my cute outfit! and it's a good thing I wore one because this place was crawling with them.
also I was amazed at this lady's hairdo! It really was perfect, except her hair is much lighter than mine so it's way easier to do, well done! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

baby shoes

I just went around and pulled a bunch of shoes that I like for Amelia when she starts walking, which don't worry I don't believe it will be any time soon. I mean sure I have a few pairs already stocked up waiting, but there are so many adorable little shoes out there!  
fun stuff

some more 8 month photos

8 month

This outfit came from an antique store on our trip to TN, pretty precious...

Monday, August 6, 2012


Ordered the wrong size in these cute kid shoes. She maybe could wear these when she is 11 or something.
Kid/baby shoe sizes are confusing!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

some projects

Yes i still do quite a bit of sewing and otherwise crafty projects! for some reason i have a harder time documenting these things like i should. Here are some chairs i just redid, they look so cute on our lower patio now, and our upper patio has these cute fabric sling chairs i just ordered from Gilt. 

some other things i have done recently, a onesie made from one of my old T-shirts, a little newborn sleeper hand stamped and hand sewn on linen, and a new blanket for Amelia out of linen and a sweet floral print, which i then "quilted" i guess? by sewing some thread in a little track... 

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family time at Tims Ford Lake in Tennessee

Amelia performs wonderfully on her second plane ride, exploring the homestead at the lake, boat rides, Amelia crawls (for real) for the first time (!) spending time with our elders!
Thanks for having us Uncle Damon!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


more soon...