Thursday, March 29, 2012

How about some pics?

I sure do love taking pictures (actually most of these were taken by others!). I love trying to figure out my camera more and more, and digital photography is the BEST bc you can practice as much as you want for free! I hope to one day own some nice lenses, maybe do some photography for people and get paid, but most of all i just love having all these photos of our life together. I can seriously get lost in my iPhoto for hours. I get my shutterbug tendencies from mom, no doubt.
Grandma Tina, pretty sure A gets her pretty eyes and dark eyelashes from this lady.
My adorable cousin Maggie! she is 6 months...
a family bluebonnet picture, I LOVE BLUEBONNETS SO MUCH!
she's starting to really get a hold of stuff
thanks to my mom for manning the camera on this day
was a little nervous about it, but hey, this girl's gotta eat!
I am often roping people into taking Amelia and I's picture together, since most of the time I am the one with the camera. Thanks to Amanda for getting some pretty pictures of us!

and the winner is....

out of a whopping 4 entries, one of which was my dad entering to win a shirt for Amelia, which of course she already has (thanks dad).
thank you for leaving me comments occasionally Laura I really appreciate it, your blog and Web site are so impressive!
I am going to mail you a shirt in your requested size and color!

Monday, March 26, 2012

T shirts! and did someone say GIVEAWAY!?

So proud to show you my GGC T-shirts for little ones!
I am selling them for $12, but guess what!
You can WIN ONE by leaving me a comment on this post telling me which color and size you'd like if chosen.
I have a feeling your chances might be pretty good judging from the usual amount of comments on my posts, but I'm curious to see how this goes!
I will choose the winner, at random, (I promise) on THURSDAY
SO soft and comfy for your babe (A loves hers, she tells me all the time), sizes 6m through 3t, and 4 color options available for boys or girls, seen below :)
e-mail me or FB me if you'd like to order one

I put together this little set for my mom-in-law, bib bloomers and tee.
and I made some little pantaloons to go with this one for my aunt-in-law
hope you guys dig 'em like I do

Today I am

Making a to do list:
Post about t shirts
Clean this house!!
Wash diapers
Organize next sewing project for A
Upload pictures
Plan dinner this week

Most likely all of this will NOT get done, all up to how much A will let me work while she plays or maybe takes a nap. So hard to get up when you got this little one to cuddle with .

Friday, March 23, 2012

How fun!

I could play with this for hours

I love writing her name, I think it's so beautiful! even though I have terrible handwriting...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


want everything on this page for baby A.

Monday, March 19, 2012

one big weekend post

Kicked off Friday night with some Mexican food with the Crawfords, it was fun to sit outside even though the weather wasn't totally perfect.
Amanda and I are obviously much more photogenic than our husbands.
my little gump!
Next was the vintage jewelry show I attended with my M-I-L Tina and her sister, my A-I-L Lori. We wandered, then got some delicious Mexican food at Mi Dia on Grapevine Main street.
Then Saturday evening Paul and I took Amelia for a walk to Redenta's by our house.
And Sunday mornings I sing in the choir at our church.
Where's Paul?
AND on our way home from church some people had some lab puppies for sale so we stopped so I could love on them. A lot easier to resist now that I have a baby, but when we live somewhere more dog friendly, I will be taking one of these puppies home with me. not one of these specifically, though I would have loved one, just a roadside puppy...)

AND our friend Elissa had us over for dinner last night to meet her BF, and some other friends of hers, so that was fun too!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Couldn't resist

Was at Gap today and couldn't resist picking up an overpriced onesie for Amelia from the Diane Von Furstenburg collection for Gap. They even had little baby wrap dresses! But for $45, I had to pass.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dinner with Hannon and Chase at Villa O!

Quite yummy!
Baby A was trying to be a tad tooty when she was being passed around (surprise surprise). I love watching my friends fuss over her, so fun!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shirts are ready!

Will post good pictures soon

Monday, March 12, 2012


We went to Austin this weekend so Paul could join in on some Bachelor party fun with my brother Greg and some other dudes. I went to lunch with my Dad on Friday, we had a delicious time at Perla's on South Congress. My sister came down that evening to hang with me and Amelia while the husbands did plenty of beer drinking.
Loving this outfit on A
Amelia was really good this weekend! Aside from some screaming in the car on our way down, she is pretty good at going with the flow, and sleeping in her little box at night (her portable little bassinet thing). She even joined in on some bachelor fun when the boys took her to lunch yesterday before we left. I didn't get enough pictures of other goings on this weekend, I took a couple of on my phone that will probably show up in the "phone snaps".