Thursday, June 27, 2013

Typical Tuesday

brought my camera along to document an average Tuesday night with the Yarbs these days. It involves: 
A trip to Lowe's for whatever we need for the house on that day, Amelia is pretty used to the red carts and the big blue building by now. 

And then because it's Tuesday we like to take advantage of half off tacos at Rosa's! Delicious and convenient (there is a brand new one right by us, we really lucked out) and Amelia likes the beans, love it.
Earlier in the day Randy and Owen came by for a visit! Our babies are so big now!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the latest

Great news! after 3 months of sitting around and not an offer in sight, we got TWO offers on our condo and are under contract for more than our asking price. Wow, thank you God for the generous answer to THAT prayer. 
Also, Amelia is fighting another virus or something, her fever returned over the weekend and thankfully now it is gone but she has the snots and a cough today. She has been all over the place with symptoms and we are hoping this all passes soon. Of course through all this her k-9 teeth have been working on coming through, I think they are all in sight now so that's good. 
On the pregnancy front: Holy Moly only two months to go!?? And then we get to meet our son! THAT is crazy. And I don't feel quite ready yet. 
things in the home are coming along slowly, no change there.  

and here's some pics from my mom's retirement party a few weeks ago, for your viewing pleasure. Girls were in matching dresses from Soo Soo, so cute!

oops meg's eyes are closed.

the babes are distracted, Amelia with accessories and Adela is prob looking at some food.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

House projects

Before                                                                         After

They are slow going folks, and I keep changing my mind about where I want stuff everyday. So I'm sorry I haven't posted before and afters, but it will be a while! In the meantime I have been accomplishing sewing projects and re-dos but we just have a long way to go! I had this funny chair reupholstered, this dining set was left here at the house and I thought the chair shape was kinda cute, so I splurged and got one reupholstered! I really like it, and now I want the whole set of four to be redone and to use them with a new dining table, that we don't have yet. But I thought I'd show you the chair! Do you like the new chair? I have had mixed reviews..

Saturday, June 8, 2013

baby boy!

I've got some sweet friends and family who have asked about things we might need for this baby boy on the way. Now that I am about 30 weeks pregnant I would say it's ok to start collecting some of those items! Since it's just a few things I've had my eye on I thought I'd put together this cute little page. 
I found all these things on, except for the Boden onesies and baby gap things.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

She's better today

We made it through, no fever and a much better attitude today. Thank goodness!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Family photos, I been takin 'em.

more cuties! on the photo blog

Tough day

My girl has been running a fever the past few days and woke up today with a really high one. We had her 18 month check up anyway today so we spent a long, tough morning at the doctor doing some tests. She hasn't had any other symptoms besides her fever and we ruled out some things this morning so it is a probably a virus working its way through. This is Amelia's first time to really be sick and I am not handling it very well! Poor sweetie, really hope today was the worst of it.