Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last weekend we spent the day in Austin

Checkin out Chickens, drinkin margs (some of us more than others), and loving on Amelia

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A site called Polyvore just grabbed me

I love my sister, and her unborn child!!!!!

Last weekend I had a shower for Meg at Crooked Tree Coffee house in Dallas. I hung some garlands, made some killer quiche and we had a nice time.
the boo boo bump. lookin good.

Monday, September 10, 2012

stumbled across this gem today

especially for my dude bros. 

seriously, so funny.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby goodies!

I'm on a roll today with the posts...
I've been wanting to name some of my favorite baby things for a while, so i came up with a little list, and I was just practicing with photoshop so here's what I have for you (there's more, but this is stuff I like and have for you today) :
1. the sleep sheep, so cute and handy
2. aden and anais burpy bibs, durable cute and convertible!
3.carter's brand onesies, they fit nicely
4. life factory bottles or sippy bottles, love the look of them and A loves drinking out of hers
5. I always keep a little sun hat in the bag and pop it on her bald head when walking through parking lots (mine was made by my friend Katie for Amelia) but this is super cute from gap
6. I asked Paul what he thought was a good baby product he said "i like diapers". So diapers are a good idea, and we use some reusables, I like the g pants. 
7. My favorite fancy baby clothes store is Peek, she has a couple of the little basic dresses (gray top right) and i just adore them. 

did this kind of in honor of my sis Meg getting ready for her baby, but she already knows I like most of this stuff... 
so in case you need inspiration for baby gifts here ya go!

Success, in T-shirts

I love it when this happens. I ordered a T shirt from a Web site that boasted designer like Tee's at  (semi) reasonable prices. I got it, and I love it, here's why:
the correct amount of looseness, looks easy but not slouchy
opaque, so i don't have to worry about my bras showing through
A V neck, but not too severe so i can still wear comfy stretchy bras and not have them poke out the top (a must)
 a nice length for my long torso, not tunic length but will go down to my hips
from Everlane, the ryan tee, $25

Treacherous Nights

we have them occasionally, and will still have them. And they are tough. Last night it began with the smoke alarm low battery warning. ( daaaaaaanggggit) oh yes. Paul went OUT in the middle of the night to get the right battery to replace it. im sure there's a way to just shut it off but that's not Paul's style. baby woke up for a moment but went  back to sleep. crisis averted?? whew. We fixed it and were settling back in  when Amelia starts crying and doesn't let up for like 30 minutes so i go in, attempt to nurse/ rock her back to sleep but it was no help that Tootsie was playing around in the bathtub jingling her little bell and having a big ole time. So i put A back down and get tootsie out, A does not go back  to sleep, she cries a whole lot more. so i go BACK and get her sleepy enough to finally go back to sleep. this whole ordeal has taken about 2-2 1/2 hours of our sleep for the night so far. Then at 5 30 her usual quick wake up, little breast milk time turned into wake up, cry for a long time. So we had to go downstairs and i spooned some yogurt into her to fill up her tummy a little more and then put her back and she cried for another 30 minutes or so. geeeeeez. i'm tired.

Monday, September 3, 2012

9 months- a visit to the park and first time in a swing!

a little face dotted with a little snot, a little drool, and little bit of dirt too.
little wave

9 months!!!! now she has been in the world as long as she was in my belly, crazy. The baby part has gone A LOT faster than the pregnancy part. We love this little girl! She is crawling around everywhere and now holding on to things and pulling herself up on those incredibly tiny feet to practice standing! She's working hard...
She has -3- top teeth out now, and of course those two on bottom...she's an excellent teeth sprouter.

She has finally gotten to where she sleeps through the night again after a good month or two of "sleep training". I am so glad we have finally gotten that under control, and it was no easy feat, I'm proud of her!  Naps are still a challenge, can't quite get a clear plan in my head for them and i never seem to time them right, or something. I am still breastfeeding her up to 5 times a day, and am staring to think about scaling that back in the coming months and moving to whole milk! Food is going pretty well, she has days where she doesn't seem in to eating much food, and other days where she scarfs down peanut butter sandwiches, overall I'm happy with how well she takes to food, and using those tiny fingers and fists to get that food to her mouth. Her faves seem to be pieces of strawberry, banana, and yogurt.