Friday, October 30, 2009

Cute little Halloween gift

All I did was take a piece of cute cardstock paper, fold up the sides
and hole punch them, tie with a ribbon and now it is a little treat
bowl! I cut out a pumpkin and stuck it to the bottom, pretty fun!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have finished my other trim project. I cut it apart and attached to the shoulders of this inexpensive ( $18) sweater from Target! I like it, the shoulders are a little different, the trim isn't evenly placed on each one (kind of on purpose/kind of not) but I think thats ok. You like?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My bro got me these sweet sunglasses for my birthday! I hope I look that good in them.


Amanda gave me adorable birthday gifties. seen here...

Thank you Amanda!
I love my mug and notebook.

Last night

Went to dinner with some of our favorite folks Will and Amanda, had
fun playing with phones and cameras.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Isn't the picture below cute?
I took it with my phone using this app called shake it photo. It turns pictures into polaroids! It automatically adjusts the color to give it that cool look! I have been having a blast with it.
I learned about it thanks to this blog Amanda and I like called The Rockstar Diaries (

Easy skirt

I just made this skirt in like an hour! It is the third thing I have
made out of that gray flower fabric. It's also pretty short bc I only
bought a yard of that fabric. But I think it turned out pretty cute!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ciao! It really is fun to say that, especially when you are in Rome! The trip went really well. Meg and I walked our butts off all over that city! Let me tell you my feet and legs were really feelin the pain, TOMS are not the best choice for walking on cobbled streets. It was so cool to just walk through that gorgeous city and come upon these amazing, ancient, world famous landmarks! We were so lucky to have gorgeous weather, it was brisk in the shade but when you stepped into the sun it was so nice. We kept saying to ourselves "This is just like New York City" except all the buildings are old and much more picturesque.
I have some pictures here, but I will put them all on an FB album.

Meg was searching for some ties in this little vintage shop, the ties were 5 euro, which was a pretty good deal.

And here is famous Trevi Fountain, we had dinner in this area on my birthday and it was really cool to see the fountain at night. It was really busy here, and pretty much everywhere in the city.

One of the many gorgeous churches we got to see, I especially loved the mosaic murals

Here's that famous Gelato, honestly I wasn't overwhelmed with it, I mean it was very good, but I think you can get cream to that caliber here pretty easily.
It sure is fun to look at...

Meg and I were happy girls to stumble upon this H&M, though much more expensive in Europe than in the US, it was still fun to pick up some treasures. (I got a cute sweater, a dress, and a simple white turtle neck.)

Here is our hilarious and adorable loud Italian lady who was the owner of the tiny hotel we stayed in. She got up every morning to get breakfast ready for all the guests. She didn't speak a lick of English, good thing I had Meg.

A good example of what pretty much every building looked like.
I'll have lots more photos on FB, it's hard to pick just few, it is pretty slow to upload them here.

Italy seems so beautiful and I hope to return again someday! I brought back some goodies, mostly cute paper goods like stationary and stuff, I think I love shopping the most about traveling, and getting decent pictures of the sites.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Guys... : (

I am so extremely embarrased to be having to tell you this, I missed my flight this morning. I didnt actually miss it, i was just too late to the check in counter and they wouldnt let me go to the plane. I feel like such a freaking IDIOT. Just horrible. So now I am wasting money and staying in a hotel at the airport and I will be home tomorrow thanks to my unbelievable husband who woke up at 4 am this morning when I called him to deal with my pathetic self, and get everything sorted for me. I feel so awful right now.
The trip went really well and I have tons of great pictures and thoughts to share, I will be glad when I am home and I can try to get over this mishap.
Ill be fine later, when I get home to him.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Almost ready

I'll be in Rome until Thursday, can't wait to share all that happens there! I'm so excited to see Poodle! (Poodle's Meg)
see ya later, maybe I can manage a couple mobile uploads, if I can get wifi. Haha, that's dorky.

Friday, October 16, 2009


The girl you see here may appear timid, but that's just the silly face she's making in this picture. She's actually the greatest friend ever, and it is her birthday today! She and I, aside from being the best of friends, have always shared a love for clothes and creativity, she was even a fashion design major for a couple years! Then she moved to do something more noble and brainy, because she is both of those of things. She's like the funniest, prettiest, most fun, and most caring girl in the world and I'm honored to be her friend. Happy 24th birthday Jessica!! I love you so much. (watch the mail today!)

Newest Creation

Recognize the fabric and the trim? I believe this style of necklace is referred to as a "bib" necklace these days. Throw this bad boy on with some jeans and white tank, (maybe a "boyfriend" blazer) and you are in business my friends! A quite trendy business...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A throw pillow

Here is one of my projects from the craft store yesterday completed!
The pillow turned a little more girly than I had planned, but Paul
said he doesn't mind. It was also my first attempt at embroidery (if
that wasn't obvious) notice our initials there on the front. Pretty
good, it cost me around 10 bucks.

It's my friend Amanda's Birthday

Hey! It's Amanda's birthday today and it's this little cutie right here (see below). I especially like this pic because she is psyched for a night of craziness that was, my bachelorette party. She stuck it out through prayer teams, dance parties in 100 degree heat and even hippie ghost busses. I wanted to give her a birthday shout out and congratulate her on being: gracious, thoughtful, and always looking put together in this playful cool way, AND on being 25 today!!

...and this is what she gets next time she sees me! Her little birthday Halloween pale of goodies. I love making Halloween themed birthday presents because I too am an October birthday and I have always had Halloween themed parties and stuff.

and I have more birthday love to give out, stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Projects on the horizon

I'm feeling a lot better and was able to get to the fabric store
today. I love the fabric store because all the old ladies working the
counters ask what you are going to make, it's fun to hear what other
people are making. I find a lot of ladies are making some form of
blankets. I have some projects in mind including an embroidered pillow
and a cute little vest. We'll see!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Got the flu you guys...

Need to be at 100% before I fly to Rome on Saturday. Pressure's on.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Excellent Night in Dallas

I mean, look how excited those twins are! My mom (in red) and my Aunt Carol, (we call her Soo Soo) went out last night to "Slocum Street Style" which is an event where vendors in the design district open their doors and serve wine and little yummy treats to people! The whole evening was wonderful and I have to thank my Soo Soo for being so hip and knowing about these fun things. She went last year too.

The majority of our time was spent freaking out in this trim store, because everything in there was unbelievable, and as we found out and got to see, all handmade right there in the freaking store! And this stuff was insanely awesome. We all bought something and took it home with us because this event is the only opportunity a poor little regular customer can buy their stuff. You see, they sell to the trade only...
You can see my treasures below

This stuff was handmade right there! I am so excited to make something and embellish it with these beautiful trims, and a little nervous because I want to make sure I am giving the trim what it is due, the pressure is on! These pieces cost me about 30 dollars combined, they are half a yard each, so it was pretty pricey but you just can't pass that up.
Don't worry I'll keep you "posted" on the progress. (wink)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm headed to Dallas seeking employment!

Band Tees

Who doesn't love a good band tee? I know I am a total sucker when it comes to them, if it's cool/weird looking and its on an American Apparel tee, and I am at the show, I am probably gonna buy that crap. Here's a few from my collection...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Weekend in Austin (check out meg's post below)

Well Paul and I enjoyed ourselves in Austin as we always do when we spend time with my brother. We always end up drinking tons of beer, eating way too much food (delicious fried stuffed avocados etc...), and usually seeing a couple shows.

This weekend was ACL and unfortunately the weather was a total bummer all weekend, and so we passed on attending the actual outdoor festival (i'm a weenie when it comes to being cold and stuck outside), too bad bc the festival is one of my all time favorite activities, been attending since I was 18 now... BUT! that did not stop us from seeing Dr. Dog and Here we go Magic at the Parish, and then Beach House and Grizzly Bear (Greg was pumped about these guys, they have a new song with Michael McDonald-the old white haired guy, we had fun doing impressions of him all night) on Saturday night at Emo's.

I enjoyed the concerts but did not fall in love with any of the bands, but I would totally add their cd's to my library.
I also rocked my blazer like all weekend, and felt great.

oh yah! We spotted LUKE WILSON at Whole Foods!! It was so exciting, he had a huge beard and hat and sunglasses and i STILL recognized him, and then we heard his voice and totally knew it was him. Pretty fun, I waved but he didn't wave back. Love me a Wilson brother...


Ciaociao, (everyone says "ciaociao".. it's the best part about trying to speak italian)

Allora, I've always heard that Venezia was once a gorgeous special place that has been transformed into a dirty tourist site that smells and is not worth visiting.
This is completely falso.
True, there are beaucoups di touristi and your average amount of trash/graffiti.. but nothing could ever be powerful enough to steal away the indescribable beauty of this place.
I'm making these declarations from my personal experiences this past weekend.. where I spent two days of furious and exhausting Super Tripping in this amazing city.
la Basilica di Santo Marco = breathtaking (my advice: get to the square before 8am to experience the magnificence SENZA the vendors selling your usual crap and masses of crowds)
la Galleria dell' Accademia = also fabulous, and if you have a european school ID that has the word "Art" on it anywhere you get in fo freeeeee
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari = Very interesting, a church literally stuffed to the brim of art work that doesn't even seem to match, huge ceilings etc.. also in a square full of excellently quaint over priced stores
La Piazza della Margherita = an adorable less populated square where you will find tanti bambini playing and benches and trees where you can write in your journal and doze

Other info:
- The food is not that great, instead of spending too many euro's on a real meal, live off the kebab's (not even kidding) that are sold at almost every pizza place and SOOO GOOD
- There are a ridiculous amount of Americans there, so if you want a real Italian immersion experience, also plan to visit another city that doesn't ignore your poor italian and speak to you in inglese.
- Walk to the point of the harbor, even tho it is a beating of a walk, and you will get lost (we literally found ourselves walking in circles), it is so worth it, esp at night

Baci da Ortigia!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Customer

Miss Jordan received her package of goodies and was kind enough to send me some pics so I could show her off to you. It is so fun to see others enjoying stuff I made!

Thanks so much Jordan, love you.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

No Go

Bad news folks, the Singing Bee didn't want me, I guess I was a little
too quiet during the testing portion, they took all the obnoxious
people. SO FAR my leopard jacket IS NOT a good luck charm.

Sent from Sarah

(817) 223-7991

Currently in the Bee tryout

We had to take a test with 50 songs and write down some words to Each
one. I think I did pretty well, my leopard coat is helping me stand
out! Not sure what's next...

Sent from Sarah

(817) 223-7991

Friday, October 2, 2009

Austin for the Weekend

Paul and I are going to Austin to catch some music and hang out with my brother. The weather might be a little yucky tomorrow which might put a damper on our festival plans, but even if we don't go to the outdoor fest, we are planning on seeing some shows at night downtown.
Ok, there is one other thing i think i will be doing tomorrow in Austin and that is, trying out for the Singing Bee!

It's a show on CMT where you have to know the lyrics to songs, and if you know me, you know that's one of my greatest talents. so wish me luck!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fo' ril

Grapevine Mills, though a totally non trendy hangout, has some sweet
outlet stores. I scored some winners at jcrew all for at least 40% off.