Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Outfit

Easter is a day when people try to dress up. Here is what I wore to church and Easter gatherings!
My dress is Topshop maternity, my scarf is Madewell (i had to get it), my pin is a vintage find, and my shoes are from this cute store down the street called Milk and Honey.  

Grandmas everywhere agree, pins and scarves are a  classy move.
Thank you Mom, for taking these pics of me. and showing me how to pose. And being so cute. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I picked out flooring!

I feel like such a big girl.

The main thing is the wood, which I love!! It will be going in all main areas of the house. The carpet is going to be one of those lighter grey tones for the kids' bedrooms and guest room, and a darker one (on the left) for our room. The tile is just going in a couple small spaces, not a main player. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Time

really wish she had her eyes open in that first one

This cold weekend we enjoyed a yummy breakfast in the Bishop Arts District at Oddfellows. Amelia was mostly very difficult once we sat down, then Paul and I look at each other like "why do we bring her out to restaurants?" then she usually calms down a bit, and after we have eaten delicious food we forget it's such a pain sometimes.  Then we mostly just hung around, watching movies and playing in laundry baskets. Dad is such a fun play buddy!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little bunny

At my mom's request I took some pics of Amelia wearing bunny ears. It reminded me I am out of practice on my Amelia pics because I was only able to get like 2 decent photos! and they are overexposed.. but she's pretty cute anyway, it was tough because she was not in a good mood (see below).

this was the face i kept getting.

Paul and i have made an offer on a new house and it was accepted! We are very excited about it. Our current house has not sold, so we hope that happens fast. The new house is in Euless in a neighborhood we both know and love. It is old so expect some posts about home projects!! I am getting really excited. 
p.s. we find out if babe numero dos es una chica o un chico on Tuesday!! felt like getting some Spanish in there i guess. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So when it comes to maternity wear my feeling is less is more. Last time I hardly bought any actual maternity things, maybe like a couple shirts at the very end and one pair of jeans from old navy in my last 2 or 3 weeks bc I couldn't keep wearing sweat pants. ( I also made a pair! that I'm already wearing again this time).  I will say though, especially as your tummy gets to be really big, it is nice to have a few things that are made to fit you. In general you can get away with anything that has a stretchy waistband, and larger sized shirts. But in those last 2 or 3 months having some real maternity things comes in handy. I discovered that Topshop has some cute maternity things! Not very cheap, but if you are choosing judiciously you could get away with a couple things.
I just ordered this polka dot dress! I actually got it in black, didn't see this white one til' now, but it's super cute too. 

A cute sweater if you're preggies during the cold months, and a good bathing suit for the summer. You want to keep your belly covered so you don't damage your extra sensitive pregnant skin ( wink, i read my tid bits).

love these shorts, i think i need to keep my eye on these, and a cute T-shirt that's made to fit!

all images from Topshop!