Monday, August 4, 2014

A little ink, and other things

On Paul and I's 5 year anniversary ( July 25th) we made it a night to remember and I got my brother's signature tattooed on my foot. I never EVER thought I would get a tattoo, but I also never could have imagined losing someone I loved so much. (why not just toss a little tattoo in the mix, keep things interesting, I'm forever changed by my loss, and this a tiny outward sign). There have been Hellish weeks, the week leading up to the tattoo probably my worst yet, the pain of grief is real. And the depth of my sorrow is matched by the height of the love we shared. I miss him, and it's only just begun.

Well this little blog of mine seems to have found a bit of natural stopping place. ( noooooooo!!!!!) My hope is to make a new Web site that will meet the needs of my booming photography business (wink) and include a mini personal blog on it. It's been about 5 years! Wow, and what a fun little journal I have made here on the internet, I have looked back through old posts many a time and know I will continue to enjoy looking back at those days of working part time and crafting my heart out, to the focus shifting to photography and then of course to babies! Thanks for indulging me friends and family, and following along.

I just grabbed a few....