Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year!!

I know you are probably saying to yourself, "Geez I really wish Sarah would give her opinion and outlook on the year past and the year to come..."
Comin' your way...
Things that happened in 2010 that I am psyched about:
We moved into a sweet condo in the big D, and we own it!
Paul continued to be my hero when it comes to providing for our us.
My brother became a Doctor!
I got to float the river a few times with my favorite folks.
I saw good friends tie the knot.
I spent a great day with Katie in Amarillo, who I love and wish I could see more often.
I planned a couple party-like things for people, and they payed me!
I get to spend some time each week taking care of little babies, and therefore nurturing my soul.
Meg and Mark got engaged!!
And I got to decorate my own house for Christmas.

Hopes and Goals for 2011:
keep working out (and then some) and try to eat more of the good stuff.
Grow my little creative business.
Become a better photographer
Visit new places
Take more advantage of living here in Dallas, do more.
Start working on the Yarbrough empire.
and as always
I, with my husband, hope to grow in love and faith with Him by my side.
I am very blessed!

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  1. sarah i love you and am proud of you as always. my goals for the year are to be more crafty, organized, really FIT for my wedding and better to those I love.

    when are you coming to austin again? LETS HAVE A SISTERS' WEEKEND. we could or could not invite the twins