Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still on my summer to-do list

  • attend the cry baby matinee, at Angelika on a weekday with A, very curious as to how that would go
  • take the boobus to the DMA/Nasher, (hopefully on a free day?)
  • go see the dermatologist, post baby I seem to be getting like twice the amount of freckles i used to get.
  • do a little maintenance/makeover on our patios and furniture in prep for some photos i am going to take to have on hand for when we put this place on the market (around February 2013, to move to? not quite sure yet.) 
  • i made a cute little banner for my etsy store, now to find the right thing to post and sell!
  • still need to edit/organize photos
  • lots more in the way of cleaning, sewing, organizing, purging stuff and/or repurposing stuff 

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