Monday, January 14, 2013

the non-toddling toddler

Amelia is 13 and a half months now, and has not yet taken her first step. CONFESSION: I am ready for her to walk! but it's quite obvious that does not matter to her. here's the deal, I know it is not like she is abnormal, it is still quite average for babies not to be walking at this time. I also know that every other mom who has a couple babies, or who's baby already walks says "oh you're lucky!" but let's be real, she's my first baby, a lot of the other babies her age and younger are walking, and i just want her to ok?! SHe has been gaining lots of coordination lately, can go up AND down stairs, on AND off furniture she does this cute little arabesque thing with her leg sometimes when standing or crawling. And most importantly she grooves and wiggles to music. SO that's all good. And she's at the point where it could literally be any day now. I just wanted to keep it real  and say: No she's not walking yet. No I'm not jazzed about it. But then also I'm not really the super teacher type, I mean I have always just let her do her own thing, it's not like we are having baby walking boot camp over here. OK that's all for  now.


  1. I beleive that Amelia takes after her Mother & maybe her father, in that she has a mind of her own. Or maybe she is just teasing you both