Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A few from Amarillo, and other stuff

Amelia and I went to Amarillo a couple of weeks ago to visit the Clarks. Paul had a business trip and it was  good excuse to get up there and hang out with my girl Katie, and Everett of course. we didn't do anything super exciting, just took the babies on little outings and ate tasty homemade food, ( I was just doing the eating in these cases, not the cooking).

and this is back home just a cute girl making a cute face.

in other news did you notice the new little photography section ------->
I put together a little blog that features just my "photo sessions". Hopefully this will make it easier if anyone is interest in checking out my work and wanting me to do some photos for them. so spread the word!!!!! 

we are getting closer to listing our house, and hopefully it will sell  in a timely fashion so we can make a choice on a new home (we are moving over to the burbs! most likely Grapevine or surrounding cities). We will miss being close to cool stuff here in the Big D, and I'm sure we won't know how much until we have moved. But I certainly am looking forward to having more space for visitors and family, and a yard for Amelia to learn to do cartwheels in (you know after she learns to walk). So my mind is totally consumed with visions of new home decorating!! ( oh boy oh boy).
That about covers it for now!!

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  1. It is good to see your update & all the sweet pic's.