Monday, November 2, 2009

Bad Sister (me) this is a couple days late

My sister, unmatched in beauty and modeling capabilities, is a very special girl. It was hard picking photos because she is so ridiculously photogenic that I could post an entire portfolio of pictures she looks awesome in.

Seen here is her famous laugh that can be heard throughout an entire restaurant and emits pure joy. Being the cause of that laughter is something I thrive on.

I am pretty sure any guy Meg has ever met has been smitten with her in some way.
Even since she was a little girl she was capturing hearts of all kinds of men folk, they even write songs about her! (google Michael Gulezian "Little Meggy" and treat yourself to a beautiful acoustic song inspired by and titled after our Meg.)

Well what can I say she's beautiful, fun to be around, a smart little bookworm and I'm blessed that she's MY little sister (and Greg's).
We can't wait until she comes home to us again after she finishes her semester abroad.

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