Friday, November 20, 2009

Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons of Blue

Ummmm Christmas is on its way! And a lot of you know last year I didn't get to enjoy my holidays to the fullest because of an extremely harsh work schedule. And THIS GIRL likes to enjoy the Holidays. And I'll tell you what else is fun, making Christmas lists! I mean how fun is it to just sit and think about all the things you can't help but just want. So! Here's some of the things on my list...

1. Anything from J.Crew

2. Anything by French Connection

3. A sewing Machine (of my own)

4. Anything at Anthropologie (too easy)
5. Waterproof shoes like these from L. L. Bean

6. And of course! A Golden Retriever puppy...


1 comment:

  1. Great list. I'm loving them all! I may substitute the pup for a Labradoodle.