Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Little Mommy!!!

Did you know???
that my mom is

talented in many ways
(it's true I would possess none of my arty skills without her)

always happy to watch her children (and husband) having fun
(even if we are a bit tooted {tipsy})

is the best person to talk to about anything and
likes to dance!

and is becoming more like her mother
and our BELOVED grandma everyday

Love you SO much little Mommy
Happy 51st Birthday!

And Nooooo I did not forget about
my Soo Soo!
who is my mom's twin and I like to think of her as my
bonus mommy

who gives Meg and I an excellent example of
sisterly love
she is the best gift giver ever

always stylish
she is an important piece of our family

and very special to me
Happy Birthday Soo Soo! love you

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