Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soooo the weekend

was fun.
We had a nice night Saturday and Meg's party was so good! I helped her out a lot with baking and cooking, we did a lot of that..
A highlight for me was faking the beautiful and poetic quotes of Shakespeare, Herman Wouk and Jane Austen and making up a cliche one to put in the mix and tricking people! It was a fun little game Meg put together involving matching quotes on the back of our name hearts...We got lazy at looking up quotes and I just decided I would make one up.
Paul and I had a lovely Valentine dinner at an adorable and dimly lit little bistro in a downtown Austin (Bess).
Here's some pictures...

so cute of Meggy

there's our guys!
Kelly made the blog!
attempting cute pics, not easy
Their place
Meg enjoying a cupcake
I like those sun spots, wish I could do that on purpose
at Bess
wearing my dress! as a shirt
using self timer...

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