Monday, August 23, 2010

Miss Jordan!!

Today is a special day for a special friend of mine. Jordan is 25 today!!
She is a precious girl who I have been friends with since the 8th grade, my partner in being non-athletic, and my inspiration to become an excellent dancer.

Everyone loves Jordan, that's why she has been in like 39 weddings, she is just the sweetest.
Also she is pretty goofy sometimes, which I totally love.
Another thing about her is that she has been so supportive of this blog, my creativity, my aspirations to become involved in design as a profession, it has completely warmed my heart! So as a big thank you to her and as a happy birthday gift I made her this...
A sign with her name spelled backwards!! haha jk, it's just that camera...
Jordan was searching for a cute teacher sign (because of course she teaches those precious little pre-k kiddos) last time we were at Canton and could not find one! So I assured her I would make her one, and this is it! I hope she likes it, it is on chalkboard paint so she can change it up according to which season it is...
Happy Birthday Jordan, can't wait to see you soon!

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