Monday, November 14, 2011

Only November 14th

But I know I am already thinking about Christmas and trying to start buying gifts for my loved ones. Especially since when the little lady hits the scene, things will no doubt get complicated when it comes to preparing for Christmas!
I can't really reveal the things I want to get people (I already have some good ideas!), since most of you reading are going to be a recipient. But of course I can always post things I have my eye on!

super cute planner from paper source, mine is almost out, and these Minnetonka moccasins, again my green ones are on their last legs...

Madewell, cute sweater.

I really want a dress form just like this one for my sewing! My mom and Meg and I have been obsessing over owning our forms for a while now... but they are not cheap...

These bags are super pricey but I like them, just fun to pick out...( Marc by Marc Jacobs above, J.Crew below)
And these awesome bracelets I love, from J. Crew

Though really I am so excited about just sitting around the house listening to Christmas music, smelling some Christmas baking (might need my mom's help on that) looking at a lit Christmas tree and holding our precious child, I mean what could be better? Probably will be the best Christmas ever...

And maybe someday...
No, definitely Someday.

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