Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SO excited!

To share photos of my finished nursery!

let's start with BEFORE:



And now AFTER!
I was going for a vintage kids room feel, with an emphasis on red. I am pretty pleased with how it all turned out. So now one month from TODAY our little girl has a room all ready for her.

I made these curtains when the ones from PB didn't work out, definitely a good call.
The mobile and sign I made, I have done a lot of head scratching and eye squinting since I put up the sign, maybe didn't quite turn out like I was hoping. I'd love to hear your reaction (the words are a quote from a song by the Swell Season, I've had it stuck in my head since I heard it and wanted to have something in the nursery say this to baby)
this lamp shade was scored from a cute vintage shop and I turned it into a pendant lamp
the beautiful books Meg gave me, kind of served as inspiration for the room!
and there you have it.
Thoughts? Reactions? you know I wanna hear 'em...
(in other words, please tell me what a great job I did.)

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  1. Looks great Sarah! That little baby girl isn't gonna know what hit her......I'm sure she'll love it!