Thursday, May 3, 2012

Laundry detergent

SO I was chatting with Katie the other day and she told me that she made her own laundry detergent and it's awesome. Obviously I wanted in, so here's how it goes...
Super washing soda (2 cups), Borax (2 cups), fels-naptha soap (1 bar grated) , oxy clean (1 cup), essential oil (plenty of drops)
i got the essential oil at "sunflower market" hippie-ish grocery store, I'm sure whole foods would have it, and the other items at the hardware store, Ace to be exact. The essential oil is meant to give it a nicer scent, the soap is very fresh and soapy smelling, i might need to add more orange oil to mine (thats the kind i picked) because it still isn't coming through very much, but it smells good anyway.

Cool things about it: it's practically all natural, except for the oxy clean but you could leave that out, I put that in for extra stain fighting power! we got lots of spit up to deal with.
You only use one tablespoon per load! so it costs like 20 bucks a year! Laundry detergent is expensive so I love that. It works with all machines if you have a front loader you just put it in the actual load not the little tray. So I'm psyched, so far it seems to clean the clothes just as effectively as the tide. 
and you get to pick out a cute little pail to keep it in! (the best part) 

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