Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lots of Photos!

I've been at my folks' house for the past couple days because Paul has been in NYC on business. I grabbed all these pics my mom took on Sunday at Amelia's baptism and wanted to share some because they are winners. 
precious hat made for Amelia by Meg, out of lace from her wedding dress!
I made her dress and bloomers. She was kind of noisy during the ceremony! and then conked out in time for the actual baptizing. It was amusing, and adorable.
love this one! Meg and Mark are her Godparents.
I haven't yet mentioned on the blog that Meggy is expecting their first baby in October! Doesn't she look great! :)
so cute.

a note on Catholic Baptism: As Catholic Christians we believe in baptizing infants as a way to "clothe them in Christ". It is also a commitment from us as parents and God parents to raise her in the Church. Amelia is now officially a part of The Catholic Church, but of course, she has always been one of God's children since before she was even born! As are, I believe, all precious and innocent children on earth.

p.s. we missed you Greg and Amy.

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