Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby goodies!

I'm on a roll today with the posts...
I've been wanting to name some of my favorite baby things for a while, so i came up with a little list, and I was just practicing with photoshop so here's what I have for you (there's more, but this is stuff I like and have for you today) :
1. the sleep sheep, so cute and handy
2. aden and anais burpy bibs, durable cute and convertible!
3.carter's brand onesies, they fit nicely
4. life factory bottles or sippy bottles, love the look of them and A loves drinking out of hers
5. I always keep a little sun hat in the bag and pop it on her bald head when walking through parking lots (mine was made by my friend Katie for Amelia) but this is super cute from gap
6. I asked Paul what he thought was a good baby product he said "i like diapers". So diapers are a good idea, and we use some reusables, I like the g pants. 
7. My favorite fancy baby clothes store is Peek, she has a couple of the little basic dresses (gray top right) and i just adore them. 

did this kind of in honor of my sis Meg getting ready for her baby, but she already knows I like most of this stuff... 
so in case you need inspiration for baby gifts here ya go!

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