Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Treacherous Nights

we have them occasionally, and will still have them. And they are tough. Last night it began with the smoke alarm low battery warning. ( daaaaaaanggggit) oh yes. Paul went OUT in the middle of the night to get the right battery to replace it. im sure there's a way to just shut it off but that's not Paul's style. baby woke up for a moment but went  back to sleep. crisis averted?? whew. We fixed it and were settling back in  when Amelia starts crying and doesn't let up for like 30 minutes so i go in, attempt to nurse/ rock her back to sleep but it was no help that Tootsie was playing around in the bathtub jingling her little bell and having a big ole time. So i put A back down and get tootsie out, A does not go back  to sleep, she cries a whole lot more. so i go BACK and get her sleepy enough to finally go back to sleep. this whole ordeal has taken about 2-2 1/2 hours of our sleep for the night so far. Then at 5 30 her usual quick wake up, little breast milk time turned into wake up, cry for a long time. So we had to go downstairs and i spooned some yogurt into her to fill up her tummy a little more and then put her back and she cried for another 30 minutes or so. geeeeeez. i'm tired.

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