Tuesday, October 23, 2012

San Francisco trip, part 1: breakfast and biking

Friday was spent in San Fran, biking across the bridge in the chilly mist, and walking around Sausalito and then back to SF for the afternoon. here's the first bit...
too hard to choose! so i just went with pancakes, they were great,

yep here's my Golden Gate picture. pretty sweet eh?

the view from the bridge...
hydrangeas the size of my head, love 'em

ps, Amelia behaved, slept and ate wonderfully for my parents. I was so thankful! and i missed her tons but happy to report I was able to enjoy myself. She punished me a bit yesterday for being gone by being tad more grumpy than usual, but hopefully we will find our groove again today. I'm glad she had an opportunity to be around different faces all weekend I think it was good for her.  

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