Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little bunny

At my mom's request I took some pics of Amelia wearing bunny ears. It reminded me I am out of practice on my Amelia pics because I was only able to get like 2 decent photos! and they are overexposed.. but she's pretty cute anyway, it was tough because she was not in a good mood (see below).

this was the face i kept getting.

Paul and i have made an offer on a new house and it was accepted! We are very excited about it. Our current house has not sold, so we hope that happens fast. The new house is in Euless in a neighborhood we both know and love. It is old so expect some posts about home projects!! I am getting really excited. 
p.s. we find out if babe numero dos es una chica o un chico on Tuesday!! felt like getting some Spanish in there i guess. 

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