Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the latest

Great news! after 3 months of sitting around and not an offer in sight, we got TWO offers on our condo and are under contract for more than our asking price. Wow, thank you God for the generous answer to THAT prayer. 
Also, Amelia is fighting another virus or something, her fever returned over the weekend and thankfully now it is gone but she has the snots and a cough today. She has been all over the place with symptoms and we are hoping this all passes soon. Of course through all this her k-9 teeth have been working on coming through, I think they are all in sight now so that's good. 
On the pregnancy front: Holy Moly only two months to go!?? And then we get to meet our son! THAT is crazy. And I don't feel quite ready yet. 
things in the home are coming along slowly, no change there.  

and here's some pics from my mom's retirement party a few weeks ago, for your viewing pleasure. Girls were in matching dresses from Soo Soo, so cute!

oops meg's eyes are closed.

the babes are distracted, Amelia with accessories and Adela is prob looking at some food.

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