Wednesday, June 12, 2013

House projects

Before                                                                         After

They are slow going folks, and I keep changing my mind about where I want stuff everyday. So I'm sorry I haven't posted before and afters, but it will be a while! In the meantime I have been accomplishing sewing projects and re-dos but we just have a long way to go! I had this funny chair reupholstered, this dining set was left here at the house and I thought the chair shape was kinda cute, so I splurged and got one reupholstered! I really like it, and now I want the whole set of four to be redone and to use them with a new dining table, that we don't have yet. But I thought I'd show you the chair! Do you like the new chair? I have had mixed reviews..

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  1. I love the chair... I just dont know what to think about using them as a dining set bc i cant picture it...