Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Amelia update! 19 months

taking sips of Dad's iced tea, wielding the giant cup like a pro

oh ya, get that tongue on that nasty looking swing seat. 

this sweet little profile

Amelia at this age is:
very difficult to photograph!
a handful (a euphemism if I ever heard one)
the cutest, funniest little girl ever with her expressive face and personality
working on those language skills! she says probably around 12 ish or 15 words, with more popping out all the time.
 this week her new ones are: AHHHEEECE (ice) BAHHHHHEEEE (bike)
She now sleeps in her little bed, no longer the crib. The bed transition was too easy, she has not gotten out of it and slept through the night every night! (so far)
I love her so!!!
It sure is tough having a toddler and being pregnant, and I daily feel like "wow, I need a break!" but she is such a joy and watching her grow is amazing.

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  1. Thanks for the update on your beautiful girl! I cannot wait to spend some time with her soon <3.