Saturday, September 7, 2013

At home with baby George

I stole that title from a People magazine cover featuring the Royal Family, haha! What can I say, Kate and I have similar taste in classic boy names. (not a planned scenario!!)
OUR baby George, or Georgie as I call him all the time, is a real winner. He is a calm and easily soothed little guy, what a blessing! My own little prince, haha.
Here is a smattering of pics from the last few weeks, I love the ones of Amelia interacting with him, can't wait to watch their relationship grow. 
first meeting! She actually didn't have much of a reaction

Eeee! My little fleshy guy 

One of her first real interactions with him, took her a few days to warm up, helping with that pacifier

my dad with his first grandson, he's a big fan. 

Aunt Katie stopped in to see him!

getting more comfy now

Oh poor Georgie, she's already trying to squash him 


  1. Such sweet pictures! I love the blanket, and you look so good! I can't wait to meet him!