Thursday, September 19, 2013

In the past few weeks

Amelia has begun going to a Mother's day out on Fridays! I can't believe she is already participating in school-like activities, yikes!! Makes me feel weird to even admit it. She has done well and we are proud. These pics are from her first day.

And Georgie was already a month old last Saturday. Here he is lying in the grass.

(proud mama)

here is big sis refusing to pose with him for a picture

Wheeeee!!! Gramps pushing the swing really high! lol look at those hairs!

and this is Adela my niece, showing us how well she knows how to feed Boss. 


  1. haha. I love that picture of Amelia peeking into her room! Ugh, it practically makes my eyes water thinking about sending my own baby to a mdo (hopefully) soon! OUR BABIES!!!