Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kid Bath


used the panorama on my phone, so it's a little fuzzy. 

my homemade artwork, except the flying elephant, that was a gift from Meg

cute towel hooks!

pedestal sink and basket weave tile on the floor, also a good look at that cute beadboard

this light fixture was taken from one of our other old bathrooms, I thought it would work well in the style of the new kid bath, and I think it does! (it was so gross and dirty but I cleaned it up)

it was really exciting to envision a look for a new bathroom, choose the elements I thought would execute that style, and then watch it come to life! So much fun. I am already thinking about the next bathroom and very excited to get started on it, which won't be happening for another few months.
This job took nine business days, and I was very ready for it to be done. As everyone says, it took longer and cost more than expected. 

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