Thursday, October 31, 2013

Those Babes of ours

Ahhhh!! I look slightly spazzed in this photo, but this is what happens when you are trying to get Amelia to smile at the camera. We took this a few weeks ago right around George's two month mark, and I wanted to write few things about what the babies are up to these days. 

You love the t.v. now. (slanty smile face) you are always saying "show!?" or "cars!?"  which is your favorite movie. So we are trying to restrict your tv time to an hour or so a day, while at the same time it is such a nice break for me to have you seated in front of the toob while I clean up one of your messes without you making a new one! It has been on my mind a lot, feeling guilty about how much t.v. time you've been having, so it is taking some time to figure out what I feel comfortable with as far your "toob time"! You have been getting out of your bed and coming out of your room, you finally figured that out, and it is kind of the cutest thing ever, but also a no no. SO we are navigating that as well. You say lots and lots of words! practically any word we give you to try now you will say, finally including "George"! which sounds like "jooje" Just waiting for the connectors and you will be chatting up a storm! too much fun...

Hi little man, you are still just a joy! You sleep fabulously at night (at least 8 hours every night in a row, starting about 730 or 8). And you're still a rather chunky boy at about 13 and a half pounds. And tall too! 90's percentile for height at the moment. Much chunkier than your sis was at this time (i think she was only like 10 pounds).
You don't sleep during the day a ton, so sometimes I find myself frustrated that you are yelling to be fed or held while I'm trying to do something else, which is of course unfair to you because you are a good baby who doesn't give me much trouble! We love you oh so much! Obviously you're not doing much else, not rolling over or anything, just working on your tummy time and lifting your huge head. And giving us precious smiles and sometimes little "hu hu hu" giggles :) 

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