Friday, March 14, 2014

In the midst of this horror, the love we feel from you all is a comfort. Greg's life was lost in a tragic accident on Wednesday evening in Austin. His body went on living until very early this morning, when surgeons gave 3 of his healthy organs to save others' lives.

A new life is on the way, and I am here by my sister's side as we prepare to welcome the 4th grand baby, and another little life who posses some of Greg's own DNA.

We as a family have lost our brother, husband, son. And we are in immense, shocking pain.

I am reluctantly praying for strength to a God who has severely disappointed me, because I am so accustomed to turning to Him. So I appreciate your prayers, during the times when my own heart wants to turn away.


  1. Anita and I feel your pain and will hold you family up in prayer. We love you all......

    John and Anita Royse

  2. Oh Sarah & Paul... I am so, so sorry.
    My hearts aches for you.
    Please know that I am praying for your dear, sweet family.
    I love you,
    Kristin Vanzant

  3. Sarah, Brian and I are so sorry to hear this news. :( I know Greg will be deeply missed. I am praying that all of you guys feel a sense of peace during this time. xoxo

  4. As my sweet little Mama used to say in dark times and she always lifted me up, "Remember God Loves You and so do I". My heart is breaking for you and we are all praying for you every minute of the day, sending be-strong thoughts to your hearts. Love you so much, Aunt Linda