Thursday, May 1, 2014

New York photos

We took our trip to New York City this past week. We did the best we could, considering the circumstances, and tried to enjoy the city and its offerings for a couple days. Monday was beautiful weather and I have the photos to prove it!   

I have thought about writing a blog post about how I/we are doing in this wake of our loss of Greg. It all is just too awful/crazy/complicated and I don't think a blog post would shed enough light on anything. But I want to say thank you to all those friends of mine and my family's who have been praying for us, thinking of us, who have sent cards or messages. It all means a lot. And I appreciate it.

now here are some photos
Amelia stayed home with her Grandma Tina, and they had a great time! And Georgie was an all star baby traveler and came with us. 

please pause for nursing mothers
these two.


he fell asleep! always a mix of emotions when your 20+ pounder finally passes out in the baby carrier. oof!

Georgie's big ole top toofers 
love this lady


  1. I love you ALL. This is so cute and sweet. Glad you had such pretty weather!!! xox C

  2. OMG did you capture spring in NYC or what! And the colors that you and your loved ones are rocking are fabulous! Ahhh baby G!... how big are these boys getting?! And a few more "!!!!!" because I love everything about this post.