Monday, September 28, 2009

An email from Meg in Italy


I'm sorry I missed your call but I was in the Isole Eolie, and I forgot to bring my phone. The islands were very pretty! I posted some pics of them so go check them out ( fb album ) , it's mostly like silly friend pics etc.. but I took so many and am obviously keeping them. and I'm attaching a few if you just want to look at those as well. Also, I have Cambria's pics and she is an impressive photographer for just being a 21 yr old who doesn't study photo or anything.. Mom you'd be impressed. (But she also has a sweet Nikon ds40 to work with)

The islands were great, we traveled by train, boat, taxi, bus, hydrofoil, and lots of walking. It was crazy, we were only there from Fri- Sun too! But it was so neat, seeing other islands that are so close (relatively speaking). It was agood starter trip for us too, I'm really excited for Venezia and even more excited for ROMA. Oh, I found a hostel that is right next to the train station, so if we did the Firenze trip it would be easily accessible. But what are other finds? Am I supposed to be finding the hotel?

I finished Winds of War! As soon as I finished I picked up War and Remembrance because WOW just ended! Without tying up any ends! I can't believe some people had to read it without being able to read the next one that very second, I would have been so frustrated. It's such a good book with so much information, I felt like I should be taking notes or something. My favorite quote in the whole thing is something that I feel a lot being here..

".. broad dark ocean, the streaming pure air, the crowded stars arching overhead, always made him feel what the Bible called the spirit of God hovering on the face of the waters."

Cambria and I go to the water most nights to write in our journals and chat about how we feel and do nerdy things like that and that's how I feel! It's such a perfect way to really feel proud of being on our planet, and thankful to God because there's no way something this overwhelming was produced without a higher power. You know? I love the Mediterranean, I'm going to miss it so much (that and the outdoor market)

Did you ever get my shoes? Have you mailed a pkg here yet? I'm nervous about that, it seems like mail is so sketchy but as long as there are two clear addresses on it, I'll either get it eventually or you'll get it back. Or I'll have to search for it at the post office .. which is THE WORST PLACE HERE, oh man what a nightmare.

Alright well, I'm at school waiting for Cambria to get out of class then we're going home to cook peppers and egg plant, yumm yum.

I'v been really missing home! But not in a way that makes me want to come home early or something insane, Dad member how I freaked out a little just before getting on the plane? Thankfully I don't have those feelings ever, but like when I listen to Bruce Springsteen or look at pics of Sarah and Paul I miss home. But I have good friends here and we're about to start being so busy busy that before I know it it will be time to fly to London and have happy reunion times.

Soos, I almost bought the French Vogue here for you because it just looked soooo alla mode, but it's heavy and what are you gonna do with it? Unless you express a real desire for one then i will happily go get it for you, but otherwise I'm trying not to buy things like that on impulse even tho i really want to.

Okay goodbye I love you all! And I have now written and sent a crazy amt of post cards.
Omg I think it's about to start raining after I just finally did laundry and hung it up outside. Better go, pics sent later!


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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for checking out my store blog. I just checked your blog out and you look like you are having fun with all of your projects. We are opening on Saturday so I will hopefully get a good idea of what people are looking for. It is so much work, but really fun. I have wanted my own store my whole life and now at 50 I am getting the chance. I will keep you up to date on the progress.
    Aunt Carey