Monday, September 14, 2009

The Weekend

We spent and eventful weekend in beautiful Nashville TN for Paul's cousin's wedding. She is my age, and the wedding was so nice. Unfortunately, 5 minutes before the ceremony began, it started raining! So the couple ended up getting married in their reception tent, (instead of the charming outdoor setting that had been decorated and prepared) which was decorated beautifully in a kind of middle eastern Baliwood theme. They had a photo booth and everything! Paul and I got spiffed up...

So, after the wedding Paul got extremely sick and was sick and throwing up all night long! Poor baby he was all feverish and achy and queasy. We were supposed to leave the next day at about 5pm, we weren't sure if Paul could fly because he was so ill, but we decided go for it and he got up the strength to go to the airport, and then of course I got to feeling gross, and went through all the same things Paul did, on a couple airplanes. It was some crazy virus that people got during wedding activities, we heard even the bride was throwing up as they were trying to make their way to St. Lucia. But! we made it, and all in all it was nice. And we feel better now.

We also got to go shopping in adorable downtown Franklin, (home of my good friend Jordan, lucky girl) I got an adorable dress which I will show you later..

Grrrr I have been trying to get pictures to download from the weekend and they just aren't coming, so I will try and post those later...sorry.

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