Wednesday, September 30, 2009

let me tell you something

So I've been thinking about how I might be needing some new skinny jeans, maybe in a dark color, but before I went out shopping I decided to go through all my jeans see what I had.

exhibit A

I had 12 pairs of jeans.

So I started thinking about which of those I actually wore and tried some on and I was thinking "you know, these dark boot cut jeans are nice, and I don't really wear them, maybe I'll take them to a tailor and see if they can turn them into skinny jeans!"

They turned out totally cute and it only cost $20. AND I bought these jeans from Ruehl ( my old store) for only $19. So I am pleased, and I suggest you take a jean inventory before you purchase a new pair.

1 comment:

  1. Its been awhile but I promise I'm back...

    But good idea, I have about 10 pairs I should do this with.

    Another way of goin Green... way to go girl!