Monday, June 4, 2012

6 months old now

my my my, half of my girl's true "babyhood" is already over. How in the heck did that happen so fast. I think all the time about how great it will be when she can talk to me, walk around, and be a little more independent. But when I am holding this little girl on my chest, or when I totally engulf her little body in my arms I just think "oh my gosh!! this is going so fast!!". I can't believe what can happen in 6 months. My love mechanism is functioning at an all time high. 
My daughter Amelia IS THE BEST THING IN THIS WORLD TO ME, and to her daddy too. We both agreed this weekend that if we were ever going to get a tattoo it would obviously have to be her name. We probably aren't going to get tattoos though. Any way I'm sure you knew that I loved my girl, just wanted to reiterate. Now please enjoy some photos narrated by the girl herself.  

hey Mom isn't it so great that I can sit up now! ya, i think so too...
oh...i have some drool on my chin? and my eyelashes are pretty?
HA HA HA! MOM YOU ALREADY TOLD ME THAT ONE! oh ya these are my cute 'lil teeth
check out THESE stiffy legs. still practicing...
oh gosh is this really a good pose?? oh ok great well i'll give you a big smile then
here are some new faces I've been working on. last one is called "the Krause-head face" 
ok well, I hope you enjoyed some pictures of me on my 6 month birthday. Now I'm just gonna go float around on a cloud, or play with some magical canaries, or find some baby lambs to cuddle with.
bye bye


  1. Well the 1st thing I have to say is, HOW COOL SHE IS SITTING UP!

    This little girl just keeps bringing smiles to my heart.