Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When will she sleep again?

On baby A's current sleep routine:
When she was tiny, like a newborn, she was a great sleeper. By 5 weeks she was sleeping 6 hours and beyond and it just kept improving over the next couple months. And I was thinking, wow this sleeping thing is easy. Right around 4 months she began to waiver on that reliable "through the night " sleeping. Maybe we can say it's because of teething pain? Or growing pains of some kind? She will still occasionally sleep through the night, like maybe 11 to 6 30, that's about the best we have done in the past couple weeks, other wise she will wake up as much as once every 3 hours! Is  she hungry? Is she in pain? I usually just nurse her, but sometimes even that won't put her back to sleep. Last night I was planning on putting my foot down. She went off to sleep pretty peacefully at 9 ish. At 1 25 I awoke to the sound of her cries. my plan was NOT to nurse her so as to stop her thinking every time she wakes up in the night she gets the boob. I let her cry for 10 minutes, went in, soothed her, let her cry for 5 more. Went in, picked her up and did the ole baby dancing, like we did when she was a newbie every night to get her to go to sleep, for like 25 minutes to no avail. at this point she was being really loud and I was SO FRUSTRATED. I always go into these situations saying that I'm gonna be calm and keep my cool, but I'm not strong enough to get through an entire session of yelling yet without getting upset. Paul came in and took her at that point, poor guy he has to go to work today. He was downstairs walking around with her for about 25 minutes. She still wasn't asleep! And so at this point she had been up for almost an hour and a half, and so, I nursed her and she passed out. As that silly guy would say "Epic Fail". She slept until 7 30 this am. Tonight? who knows, more adventures in crying and non-sleeping babies. It ain't all a walk in the park folks! Right now she is scooting around on her belly  and rotating around in circles on our wood floor. She's so cute.


  1. I am so sorry to hear your sweet girl has decided not to sleep all night. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Have you tried making sure she has some solid food right before bedtime so maybe she won't get hungry in the middle of the night?

    1. yep she is eating her food 3 times a day including one time in the evening before bedtime...

  2. You are an excellent mother!