Wednesday, June 13, 2012

to do, and other things

here are some things floating around my head on my to do list:

computer tidying:
-delete, organize, consolidate, and back up photos
-create new folders for all my little photoshop creations and clean out weird old stuff
-make some cool new stuff out of the linen i got the other day
-follow the screen printing tutorial in my Martha Stewart book
-get some things on Etsy, and make my page look cool
-finish Greg and Amy's final little wedding gift
-get a hair cut (post wedding) i think I'm gonna go shorter!
-closet editing (ongoing) this goes fro Amelia's clothes as well
-time for another big batch of baby food to be made (she's entering a whole new phase of eating)

and now some photos of happenings this morning

beautiful sunrise, yes i was up to see it at about 6
i think my baby petunias like the cloudy weather
thank you toots for keeping the bed warm
my little love has her morning nap
dying some of that linen, it came out looking like chambray! cool...