Sunday, August 5, 2012

some projects

Yes i still do quite a bit of sewing and otherwise crafty projects! for some reason i have a harder time documenting these things like i should. Here are some chairs i just redid, they look so cute on our lower patio now, and our upper patio has these cute fabric sling chairs i just ordered from Gilt. 

some other things i have done recently, a onesie made from one of my old T-shirts, a little newborn sleeper hand stamped and hand sewn on linen, and a new blanket for Amelia out of linen and a sweet floral print, which i then "quilted" i guess? by sewing some thread in a little track... 

Untitled Untitled Untitled


  1. cuuuute chairs. i don't understand amelia's blanket.. it just looks like you took a picture of a threaded needle.

    1. Ya that's cu I didn't take a pic of the finished product