Thursday, August 30, 2012

A finished project is a successful one. kinda.

the inspiration:
A little bench for the end of a bed, or behind a couch or something. In our case I want this for the end of our bed. It cost 500 bucks. And then I saw these cute pillows in West elm catalog and liked how they combined those fabrics, so i said, "I got it! we'll make this..."


and so a couple trips to Home Depot and some embarrasing feats of carpentry later we completed a bench. But I wouldn't sit on it if i were you. Although I did work hard on the upholstery using all fabrics I already had and am pleased with how it turned out. it cost us about 40 bucks in new materials. It is suitable for setting our laundry baskets on, or clean clothes or our throw pillows. hahaha don't look at that corner leg! We just couldn't get that one to straighten out. 

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