Friday, November 30, 2012

A year ago

A year ago today I was thinking "Holy moly, I'm gonna have this little girl today." and i did, actually at 1:09am, tomorrow. I remember talking on the phone to Katie every 10 minutes, updating her, getting pep talks. I was saying prayers for bravery, dancing around and singing Christmas songs to try and keep the labor active, even doing some last minute crafts! My last full day of just being wife, sister, daughter, before becoming mother. Wow, your first child's birthday is so much more than just their birthday, I realize that now about my big bro's birthday. This past year has been definitely the most challenging one of my life. I have never worked harder in my life, been more devoted to certain goals, felt more frustration and stress, and felt nowhere near this kind of love about another being before. It truly does change your views, this mom thing. I'm so thankful that Paul and I have been given the gift of becoming parents to this beautiful, unique and darling little girl. 
Amelia Louise!! You better believe I love you little one.  

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  1. Words can't express, how amazing your message today feels. I hope you keep everything from this blog so Amelia can read it in 25 or 30 years as she becomes a mother for the 1st time.