Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A word

Paul and I fell asleep last night before we saw the acceptance speech, Paul did not vote for Obama, and would have preferred it if the vote went the other way. I am glad Obama won again, though i did not actually vote in this election (slap on hand). Although after watching his speech this morning I felt guilty that i did not get out and actually vote for him again, because i truly believe him to be a special person, whom God has sent to guide this country for the time being. His ideals and love for the people of this country are fully well intended and i don't know why anyone can't see that. His passion and the wisdom he portrays when addressing this nation are moving. I of course got teary at several moments during the speech! I hope that people who feel strongly against him would relax their grasp of opposing view points and see that having faith in a wonderful person to do what's best for the country in the next 4 years, though perhaps different from their exact plan, is still going to be for the good of US ALL. "Even if I didn't earn your vote, I have listened to you", And i believe that as he said it, let's all believe it!