Sunday, November 4, 2012

11 months

this beautiful girl, chewing on sticks... 
not mastering the self timer
leaf residue on teeth and funny faces
these sweet little hairs! 

well pretty soon she will be a year! cant believe it, she gets prettier everyday it is nuts. As usual things are kinda complicated and not always smooth, but she's doing great and i love her so so much! we have daily tickle and hugs session on our bed now that we both enjoy very much. She is now drinking practically all whole milk throughout the day ( we are about a month early on this, but she and I don't mind) And i am basically done nursing her!! Proud that i made it to my goal which was to go straight from breast milk to whole milk at about a year, never using formula. She's eating anything we can get her to eat at this point, i fear we are entering the picky eating phase many toddlers are known for, but I'm gonna try to keep my cool about and not stress over the amount of food she eats. She likes oatmeal and yogurt in the morning, still some baby food mixes with added cereal for iron, lots of fruit and home baked goods, like cookies. : /

well ok that's it for now. 

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