Monday, March 26, 2012

T shirts! and did someone say GIVEAWAY!?

So proud to show you my GGC T-shirts for little ones!
I am selling them for $12, but guess what!
You can WIN ONE by leaving me a comment on this post telling me which color and size you'd like if chosen.
I have a feeling your chances might be pretty good judging from the usual amount of comments on my posts, but I'm curious to see how this goes!
I will choose the winner, at random, (I promise) on THURSDAY
SO soft and comfy for your babe (A loves hers, she tells me all the time), sizes 6m through 3t, and 4 color options available for boys or girls, seen below :)
e-mail me or FB me if you'd like to order one

I put together this little set for my mom-in-law, bib bloomers and tee.
and I made some little pantaloons to go with this one for my aunt-in-law
hope you guys dig 'em like I do


  1. way to go girl! you know i'm loving these!

  2. How do I order one? My neighbor had a baby in like, October and I still haven't been over to see her! This would be a good gift to take her :)


  3. i would like to win one, and if i dont win one then i will order one. i want blue on blue at 12months.

  4. Enter me in the contest please. I am a loyal follower of the blog. I have a special 4 month old in mind for the shirt...

    I might even buy you a drink to make it even.

    Beat that all you other would be posters.