Thursday, March 29, 2012

How about some pics?

I sure do love taking pictures (actually most of these were taken by others!). I love trying to figure out my camera more and more, and digital photography is the BEST bc you can practice as much as you want for free! I hope to one day own some nice lenses, maybe do some photography for people and get paid, but most of all i just love having all these photos of our life together. I can seriously get lost in my iPhoto for hours. I get my shutterbug tendencies from mom, no doubt.
Grandma Tina, pretty sure A gets her pretty eyes and dark eyelashes from this lady.
My adorable cousin Maggie! she is 6 months...
a family bluebonnet picture, I LOVE BLUEBONNETS SO MUCH!
she's starting to really get a hold of stuff
thanks to my mom for manning the camera on this day
was a little nervous about it, but hey, this girl's gotta eat!
I am often roping people into taking Amelia and I's picture together, since most of the time I am the one with the camera. Thanks to Amanda for getting some pretty pictures of us!

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  1. Precious... you're doing awesome catching these moments! I'm loving the last picture.