Monday, March 19, 2012

one big weekend post

Kicked off Friday night with some Mexican food with the Crawfords, it was fun to sit outside even though the weather wasn't totally perfect.
Amanda and I are obviously much more photogenic than our husbands.
my little gump!
Next was the vintage jewelry show I attended with my M-I-L Tina and her sister, my A-I-L Lori. We wandered, then got some delicious Mexican food at Mi Dia on Grapevine Main street.
Then Saturday evening Paul and I took Amelia for a walk to Redenta's by our house.
And Sunday mornings I sing in the choir at our church.
Where's Paul?
AND on our way home from church some people had some lab puppies for sale so we stopped so I could love on them. A lot easier to resist now that I have a baby, but when we live somewhere more dog friendly, I will be taking one of these puppies home with me. not one of these specifically, though I would have loved one, just a roadside puppy...)

AND our friend Elissa had us over for dinner last night to meet her BF, and some other friends of hers, so that was fun too!


  1. OMG. those puppies! i have pics of Boss when his little snout is only an inch long like that!!! ughguhguhgguh i already want another puppy- Boss is a big boy now. but those girls are definitely labs; Boss was much fluffier looking than them. I wish you could have gotten one =[ those paws!!

    also i want to eat that guacamole! (let have some at the shower in April)

  2. also amelia looks real cute in that close up in her stroller.